Tuesday, November 21, 2006


What's that?

No, no, just a semi-mortal wound!

Hardly stings at all! Never mind the gush of blood!

Pain? What pain? Bah! I laugh at pain. Ha! Ha Ha!

Rejected. Apparently the agent does not like gay socialist science fiction with sociopathic heroes who speak odd dialects of English. Hmm. Go figure.

Don't mind me. I'm off to sulk a bit.

No, not actually. Actually I'm trying some other agent.

Because we writers? Hearts of STEEL.

(I wish.)

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Trina said...

Sympathy and empathy. I've always hated the people who, when my work was rejected by an agent or publisher, said, "Don't take it personally." That's like saying, "Don't take this personally, but your kids are ugly and stupid." Keep looking. It's only difficult to get published if you're good. Otherwise, it's impossible.