Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote Them Out!

The kid asked me this morning what this election day was for -- she knows it's not to to vote Bush out, she's been doing the count down for that since she was six. I explained what this election was for and how even if we couldn't get rid of the idiot in chief it was still an important election, since we could get rid of many of the very bad men who were letting their chief do things like pass torture bills and get rid of habeas corpus and put us in a war in a Iraq that served no purpose (aside from slaughter and increasing terrorism and ill-will against America) while here at home he was putting on flashy shows like the Defense of Marriage Act to distract his base.

"So we still have to get out and vote," I finished, "even if we can't get every one of them out. We can change a little of it with this vote, at least."

So get out and vote, y'all. Hear?

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