Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Suppose

I shouldn't be surprised by this, but I find I am.

Denver police are going after Mike Jones -- you remember him. He's the fellow who blew the whistle on Ted Haggard? Apparently because Haggard has lawyered up (and is being protected by his church, which, mind you, is his right under the law, and I argue not with that one bit) the police are now leaning on Jones. If they can't get the Turk in power, they'll take whoever they can get.

(Via Joe.My.God:

Luckily Jones has a lawyer himself, but still.

This, if we needed more evidence, is what is wrong with this idiot war on drugs. It leads to idiot moves like this one. Not to mention that of the 2.2 million of our population in prison (the highest number in the world, btw, no other country in the world has that many people locked up), what is it, nearly a million of them are there on drug-related charges? Any idea how many schoolteachers we could put on the ground for what that's costing us?

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