Monday, September 11, 2006

Nine Eleven

One of my students comes into the office for his conference and asks me, earnestly and with sweet sincerity, whether I remember that today is the anniversity of the attack on the World Trade Center -- have I remembered that? We need to remember all those tragic deaths today.

I do remember, I tell him.

A very bad thing, he tells me sadly. So many people died.

I study him across the desk. He would have been -- what? 13? 12? I wonder if he knows people are still dying. I wonder if he counts Iraqis as people. I wonder if anyone he knows is in the Armed Forces. (He's one of our few rich white kids.) I don't say any of this. I just remind him of the Memorial Service, being held at noon by the Bell Tower, and send him on his way.

I do remember the September 11 attacks. I remember where I was when I found out they happened. I remember my students, who had families at the Pentagon, I remember thinking, fiercely, that my brothers were safe. I remember driving across Charlotte with fear bitter in my blood.

I remember, too, what the country was like right after those attacks. I remember how the country felt then -- that shock, the way we all walked around like we had broken in half and the glue was barely holding. I remember the way we did feel like one country, for just a brief while.

I remember not believing -- I did not believe -- that Bush would start a war for no good reason. He would not use the September Eleven Attacks to start a bogus war. I believed that.

But then he did, of course.

Bush spat on the deaths of those killed in the 9/11 attacks, to start this evil war.

And since then he and his team have been driving us further and further apart.

Do I remember?

I remember everything.

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zelda1 said...

Even my republican husband is seeing that Bush totally messed up for profit. He, my hubby, used to say that he was going to turn me into a republican, but I must say, he sounds a little more liberal every day. I refused to watch the television today, I do not want to hear or see any of those pictures of him acting all concerned and ready to protect when all he was doing was feeling giddy with the prospect of getting to launch an assault against, well, that's what he did.