Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Five, Huh?


on Bitch PH.D

says Ophrah says we should find five things to be grateful for.


Well, I'm game.

(1) Ain't I pleased women are cool to swear these days? What if it was fifty years ago, and women couldn't say shit? Wouldn't I be fucked? It's bad enough trying to teach in Pork Smith, when I can't say damn in the classroom without getting it from the dean, which does happen. At least most of the time I can use my native language, which, I must tell you (well, I imagine you have noticed) is appalling.

(2) I am grateful for mr. delagar. What if I had, like some ijit, married one of those destuctive guys who got all snitty about a woman who spent the past year writing five novels instead of, oh, say, (ever) cooking dinner or (hardly ever) buying groceries or doing laundry or mopping floors or like that? Plus (and this is so cool) he reads the novels and tells me how to fix them. I mean, yay!

(3) I love that I have a job I love. I was teaching The Death of Ivan Ilyich in WLIT II the other day and my students start in claiming that Tolstoy means us to read Ivan as a good man in a good life and I went OFF on them. WHAT? I shouted. WHAT? WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT THIS GUY? WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT HIS LIFE? ARE YOU PEOPLE INSANE? Well, it develops that they think no one likes the job they do. Ever. I told them this was unso. I told them, for instance, that I, me, right here in front of them, I love my job. They looked startled. I then told them that if they, right now, them, were studying for a job they did not love, that something was fucking wrong. (I had to cough and choke and say some other word besides fucking, but they knew what I meant.) I told them they had to follow their passion or they would end up like Ivan. They looked *shocked* at this news. Ai.

(4) I'm grateful the muse is back. Whatever the muse is. I don't know. I'm not poking it too hard to find out. I spent 8 years not able to write anything worth reading hardly, and now? Five books in a year? And they're just burning out of me? O muse don't go away, I am SO grateful. Whatever you want. Stay baby stay.

(5) I am grateful to my writing group. I suspect 4 is connected to 5. Thanks, y'all! Sorry about all the socialism!

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Anonymous said...

1. I also like to swear.
2. I'm grateful for my wonderful husband, home, and 2 kitties.
3. I have an okay job. That's the highest praise any job can get from me. (I prefer sloth, or see #4.)
4. I have a beautiful new guitar and am feeling that musical muse.
5. I'm also grateful that the heat has broken and we have these beautiful gray, damp, cool days again. Bring on winter!