Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Meme, Mutated

How Long Have You been Blogging?

We’re coming up on my two-year blogoversary, I do believe. I still miss Pete, who broke me in.


Hah. These are always weird. What I think I look like? What I’m afraid I look like? What I wish I looked like? (Because don’t I wish I looked like a pirate? Really?)

Actually I am the shortest one in my family, which leaves me taller than the average bear, I am solid, as your total peasant stock tends to be, with totally unruly off-brown-kind-of-blond hair that won’t do what its told and I ought to keep shorter than I do. No make-up, no piercings, no tattoos. No jewelry except the wedding ring. I dress very badly, I’m afraid. As I said to one of the English Ed professors in the corridor this summer, who said, “But look how delagar is dressed!” I said,“Well, but you don’t want to count me. I’m the low bar of the English Department.” (I had on jeans and a khaki teeshirt that day. It was, however, my very best khaki teeshirt. The one without the frayed hem.)

Why do readers read your blog?

Don’t I hope they come for the quality of my writing. Heh. Or the insight of my political acumen. Maybe my wit? My brother, I know this because I asked him, reads my blog to get pissed off at me. Well, that will do.

What’s the last search phrase someone used to get to your blog?

Since I don’t know what this means, I’m answering a different question instead:

What’s your favorite way to find blogging material on a slow day?

I cast my net over the right-wing waters. I have, saved on my favorites, a whole list of sites I call, fondly, Lunatic Right-Wing Blogs. Not all of them, actually, are lunatics. Some are just right-wing blogs, normal enough folk who happen to be to my right. But I browse around until something hits my outrage button – et voila! Blogoriffic!

Your current favorite blog?

This isn’t fair. Who has just one? Here’s my list of the ones I read every day:

What blog did you read last?

Le Blog Berube.

Which feeds do you subscribe to?

I don’t know what this means. Here’s a different question:

Why are you so technologically fucking useless?

That’s a good question! I blame it on (a) my useless education. I was educated in the Louisiana public school system, Jefferson Parish, at a time when the schools were sexually segregated, so that the boy’s high school got all the money and the best teachers. They learned physics and calculus and Latin. We got "advanced math" and health ed. Also (b) I’m a classics major. Caesar didn’t know from computers, you know, so why would I? And (c) this whole math thing. I don’t really have an excuse for this one. But anything with math in it makes my head go fuzzy. And doing things with computers, it looks like math. I don’t know if it is, but when you people start showing it to me, it looks like math, I have to tell you. And it sounds like math. And then the buzzing starts, and next thing I know I’m out in the parking lot and it’s two days later and I have coffee grounds in my ear.

Essentially, as you can see, I have no valid excuse.

Who do I tag? Zelda.


zelda1 said...

You, you, tagger you. Okay, I'm going to do it, just once, that is, but first, I need sleep. Too many late night hours and early morning get ups.

Bardiac said...

Oh, I can help with two of the questions!

The search question. If you have sitemeter or another hit monitoring program, you can see if there are referrals to your site, where people are located, how much time given people are at your site, and so forth. (Note, you're not really seeing "people." You're seeing what sitemeter reads of the isp or provider information.) (If you scroll to the bottom of many blogs or the sidebars, you'll see a little sitemeter--or other program--icon. If you click on it, you can find out about sitemeter, and often you can also see the referral info and stuff for that blog.) My blog gets referrals from google searches for "st crispin's day" pretty often, for example, linking them to posts I've done with those words in them.

The feed question has to do with several ways you can use programs such as bloglines to get updates about when your favorite blogs get a new post. There are also some places that aggregate feed information.

I read lots of the same blogs you do! Not only the more obvious academic ones, either.