Monday, October 24, 2005

More Billy Bragg

When we were in Little Rock last weekend, mr. delagar very sweetly bought me Man in the Sand, a Billy Bragg & Wilco dvd, about the making of Mermaid Avenue, but also a tribute to Woody Guthrie -- very sweetly, because I'm afraid mr. delagar has about had his bait of Billy Bragg and is deeply regretting ever saying to me, "Hey, listen to this guy, you'll like this guy, I bet."

Boy, do I like this guy. I can't ever remember liking a guy this much.

I also highly recommend Man in the Sand. Both because Billy Bragg is so passionate about his subject, Woody Guthrie and Guthrie's work, and because the music itself is so perfect. Even the kid, who as you know is seven and who as you know is having some, ah, issues, at the moment, even the kid hung, spell-bound, in the room, for the entire hour and a half while the dvd was playing.

Only trouble is, now I need more Billy Bragg.

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