Saturday, October 22, 2005

Education, Obviously, is Mind Control

John Leo's column over at TownHall

is another of the lectures about how the liberals are imposing their groupthink yap yap yap and that's why our school system yawn.

If you read the thing carefully, it's all slant and implication, no actual fact, and it's got the obligatory slam at the ACLU, and most of it just makes me want to go to sleep. But I did like this bit:

Another battle over dispositions theory has been unfolding at Washington State University's college of education. The college threatened to terminate a student, Edward Swan, 42, for failing four "professional disposition evaluations." Swan, a religious man of working-class background, has expressed conservative opinions in class. He opposes affirmative action and doesn't believe gays should adopt children. His grades are good, and even his critics say he is highly intelligent. One teacher gave Swan a failing PDE after spotting the statement "diversity is perversity" in Swan's copy of a textbook.

See, this is where their true colors show. This isn't rational thought. We aren't protecting the rights of people to be on the alternate side of the spectrum -- this has nothing to do with conservative as opposed to leftist. This guy thinks if you're not like him, you're a pervert.

Think about what that means for a moment. It means if you aren't a white Christian male, from America, holding to the exact sorts of values he holds to, marrying in the same ways he married, raising your kids the exact ways he has raised his kids, running your household exactly as he runs his household, then you're perverse. You're evil.

Do you want that guy teaching in your public school?

I've been teaching in universities for nearly 20 years now. I know that guy. I'd fail his ass too. Why? Not because he's a conservative, not because he's a Christian or a Jew or a Buddhist. Because's he's a nutbar. We don't need nutbars in the public schools. They have enough problems.

Why folks who write at TownHall seem to think that the only qualification one needs to have to teach in the public schools is the willingness to say that one believes in Jesus and one hates gays, well. I suppose that's because that's what passes for civilization over there.

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