Sunday, October 09, 2005

Broken World

I know Zelda, and I know she is brilliant and funny and capable, despite this.

But I'm still angry about it.

If parents have a purpose, it's to protect. To keep monsters away from children. Not to move them in with their children.

I suppose I'm as angry as I am because of what I went through in my own childhood -- nothing like this. But I also wasn't protected. My mother also let shit happen and pretended it was my fault. Our fault, since it happened to my brothers too. And now insists none of it did. Despite the fact that it's fucked up all of our lives. Nah, we just imagined it. Our childhoods were perfect.

I got tired of fighting about it about six years ago, and now I just don't go home anymore than I have to, or take phone calls very often. I'm sure she wonders why.


zelda1 said...

Parents are suppose to protect and it took me many years to get over that she didn't protect me, not once, ever. In fact, she let it happen. If she had kicked him out that night and insisted they arrest him, then that would have made my physical recovery easier as well as gone along way to help me mentally but she didn't and because she didn't, it was like she didn't believe me or believe what happened. I had to get older, wiser, stronger, and then put it to her in a way that made her chose. I would have gone to Alaska too, and I would have taken my sister and we would have built a cabin and lived off the land. That was what I always dreamed of, living off the land away from danger. Funny. Parenting should require background checks and licensing. Don't you think?

delagar said...

And frequent inspections. Seriously. Someone should come around and make sure kids are okay. Often.