Friday, November 27, 2020


 We never shop on Black Friday -- we never leave the house if we can help it -- and especially we wouldn't this year.

Our Thanksgiving was nice. The kid, his sweetie, and his roommate all came down to eat with us. Uncle Charger, who has symptoms of the rona, though he hasn't yet been tested, is self-isolating. This is the first time he's missed Thanksgiving since 2002, when we moved to the Fort.

We had turkey, broccoli casserole, sweet potato casserole (a terrible failure this year due to the non-corn syrup marshmallows not working out), potatoes dauphinoise, and rolls made by Dr. Skull. Dessert was pumpkin pie, ginger cakes, and whipped cream.

Also a choice of white wine, milk, or Dark & Stormies.

Dr. Skull did all the cooking, except the sweet potatoes. Because he's really still recovering from his surgery, I offered to do the cooking this year. "No," he said very very quickly. "I'll do it."

The kids stayed over and are now all asleep in my tiny writing nook -- one on the couch, one in my big chair, one on the futon on the floor. I am writing at the dining table, like a pioneer or something. (Usually I write in the big chair, with my laptop on my lap and my feet on the ottoman.)

It's 55 degrees here, and very pretty outside. Last night Canada geese landed in our yard and honked in an idle sort of way, driving the little dog to distraction.

Hope everyone's holiday is going as well as can be expected!

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