Thursday, November 12, 2020

Just a Reminder


Despite Trump's bluster, Covid-19 has still not "disappeared." We're averaging a thousand Americans dead a day, with thousand more contracting the disease, some of whom will suffer serious consequences.

Almost 250,000 dead so far, and 10 million confirmed cases.

Even if the vaccine from Pfizer pans out, it won't be available for the general public until well into 2021. And please don't @ me with your "herd immunity" bullshit.

Wear your masks. Isolate as much as possible. Take this seriously.


Jenny F. Scientist said...

I pointed out to my students today- most of whom have managed to get the plague already- that 10 million is an astounding underestimate. The CDC's excess mortality figures are extremely depressing. ( and

delagar said...

I had a MAGA American recently insist to me that the Covid deaths were inflated, because doctors were being paid to put Covid-19 on death certificates. I pointed her to the excess mortality figures, but of course facts mean nothing to MAGAs.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

so much facepalm, I don't even have enough.