Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Sabbatical Schedule

 Here is my daily schedule now that I'm on sabbatical:

8:00 Rise up. Drink some water. Curse my fate.

8:15 Take dog for walk -- right now we're only going about a mile, but when it cools off I plan to make it two.

9:00 Make coffee.

9:15 -10:00 Check the news, do crossword puzzle, curse my fate.

10:00 -2:00 Write. Right now I'm working on the edits for In the Deep.

2:00 Eat something. Right now I've got a big jug of tabouli, but last week I was eating my way through a batch of chicken curry.

2:00-7:00 Read and do laundry, or whatever other household chore needs doing. Today it's laundry. Once Dr. Skull is home, go to library/store if necessary.

7:00 Eat something. Maybe watch a movie/episode of a TV show.

8:00-midnight Read more, also do whatever other chore needs doing.

Midnight: Sleep, if possible. If not, read some more.

Interspersed among all this, I take the dog out, cater to the cats, answer emails, check Twitter, and brood.

Except for the insomnia, it's paradise.

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