Sunday, July 19, 2020

Covid-19 Denialists

I recently learned that one of my cousins contracted Covid-19 back in May, and was in the hospital for nearly a month, in the ICU for most of that. She tested positive for the virus and even after she was released from the hospital has not yet recovered.

But she insists she didn't have the virus. The hospital lied to her, she says. The virus is a hoax, she says.

Want to guess who she voted for?

You remember when MAGA Americans thought the smart thing to do was to accuse all of us who didn't join their cult of having "TDR," or Trump Derangement Syndrome? Yeah. We should have known then that, as with almost everything else about them, this was projection.

How are we to run a country when 30% of our fellow citizens are this obdurately removed from reality?

Coronavirus: Divided we fall | The Seattle Times

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Jenny F. Scientist said...

The mind boggles, truly.