Friday, June 26, 2020


What happens when you try to have a rational discussion with a conservative

Covid-19 cases probably 10X higher than the numbers reported (Jenny F. Scientist called this some time ago)

Black residents of Chicago make up 70% of deaths from Covid-19, though they're less then 30% of the population. 

Fox News and Covid-19 infection rates

An accurate description of how history is taught in US Public schools (Louisiana schools are a bit worse than this)

A whole rotten orchard

If "Ignorance is bliss" Why are Fox News viewers so angry ...


Jenny F. Scientist said...

It's quite depressing to be right about this. I also told a student what would happen in India (perfect storm) and now it's happening. This is all pretty terrible.

Jenny F. Scientist said...

Though even using total excess mortality figures instead of the official count, if there have been 10-20 million cases, the death rate really is around 1-2%.