Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The New House in Winter

Like most of middle America, we're having a cold spell -- it was 22 degrees here last night. And we've discovered the downside to all the big windows in our wonderful house, which is that they leak heat non-stop. It's nearly impossible to keep the house warm, even with the furnace running non-stop. And we're too poor to run the furnace non-stop.

Back when I lived in my uninsulated shack in Fayetteville, when I was a graduate student, I used to shrink-wrap my windows. (Indoor window insulation is the proper name for it, I find.) We're off to the hardware store this evening to look for the kits. As I recall, they helped a lot.

Meanwhile, the cats have been very disapproving. This is no way to run a household, they sulk at me. Both of them and the dog have taken to piling up on me when I sit reading in my chair at night, under my down-filled duvet, with my scarf on and my hat pulled down around my ears. They do add body-heat, so I don't complain.


nicoleandmaggie said...

I'm in my office at work wearing a huge coat and a hat wishing I had fingerless gloves. They never get temperature changes right.

delagar said...

This is true of my university also. We can freeze or we can bake. No comfortable temperature allowed!

My new office has windows that open, which is useful about 1/5 of the year -- when the heat is set at 85 degrees in October or April, I can at least let some cooler air in.

Otherwise, we are born but to suffer.

Katie D said...

I highly recommend thermal curtains (or thermal liners), which help in the summer as well. If you don't care too much about colors, TJMaxx, Marshalls and Ross all stock them (for better quality and less $$), as well as the normal suspects. They make a world of difference in bedrooms (and are light blocking as well!).

delagar said...

Thanks, Katie!