Thursday, November 14, 2019

Look! Squirrel!

All of a sudden, now that the impeachment hearings have begun, Conservatives suddenly care about Epstein.

It's like when trans people began getting rights, all of a sudden Conservatives were so concerned about women and girls being assaulted.

Not when Kavanaugh was being confirmed to the highest court in the land; not when Brock Turner was being let off with a slap on the wrist; not when we were being told that women lie about being raped all the time, or that rape statistics are inflated, or that women bring rape upon themselves -- nah, Conservatives were fine with that.

But let someone who should have been hiding in a closet cowering with shame act like they were a human being with human rights? Here come Conservatives, brandishing "their" women and "their" girls like a club.

As if we're expected to believe that suddenly they give a shit about women or women's rights or women being assaulted or raped.

They're not fooling anybody.

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