Thursday, October 03, 2019

My Big Question... how are these people getting such cheap health insurance?

Ours costs nearly $7000/year with dental and vision, and that's subsidized by the UA system. That's for the family plan. And that is with a serious yearly deductible (nearly $6000 a year) and co-pays on almost everything. As I've noted before, that deductible means, in practice, that we can't really use the health insurance, since we can't afford the co-pays for anything at all.

Apparently we've got really crappy health insurance.

ETA: Or apparently those numbers are bullshit


nicoleandmaggie said...

Mine for just me and the kids (not including DH who has his own plan from his work) is over 12K/year. (I contribute ~$300/mo, so $2700, and the university pays the rest instead of giving me a higher salary.) Copays on everything and coinsurance on things that aren't simple in-network non-specialist office visits. No dental or vision (those would cost something additional and uni doesn't subsidize, but I don't know how much because they both suck so badly in terms of benefits we opted not to get them.)

delagar said...

Our dental and vision both suck too, but they're very cheap, and they pay 100% for wellness care, so I've opted in so far.

I keep hoping Dr. Skull will get a job that pays benefits. If he did, that would drop my contribution by something like $350/month, which would be significant. There would still be the deductible, though. :(