Thursday, August 29, 2019

Moving Day

We have survived, mostly.

More later -- MUCH later. (1) I might have lost my phone and (b) we don't get internet at the house until Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Breath in and out and repeat.
Sit and look at new yard and views in house. Go elsewhere for short times to use internet ~ not long before you have it in house. It will be ok.
HOPING SO MUCH you find phone!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on being moved!

delagar said...

I have internet at the school, where I have to go to check up on student work -- I gave them assignment to do while our classes weren't meeting, but that means I have to track that work. But! The university is only half a mile away! So no big deal!

I think (hope!) I accidentally packed my phone. If so, sometime in the next month and a half, I should fine it. (Kidding. Mostly. I hope unpacking won't take that long.)

And thank you for the congratulations! We love this house!