Thursday, August 22, 2019

Donate to Help Me Move: Update

I've written a letter to the landlord saying we received his (very odd) notice, that his "terms" are not acceptable, and that we will be moving out.

We've begun looking for a place. There are a lot of places available in our price range (I'm hoping for at least a hundred less than we are paying here) though not as many in the location I am hoping for (near the university).

We did look at this one yesterday, which is lovely:

I am waiting to hear if the landlord will accept our tiny zoo of two cats and a dog, and what his philosophy is about who takes care of fallen trees. The rent is perfect -- a hundred and twenty less than we're paying here -- and it has hardwood floors throughout. Though not central air, just window units.

Dr. Skull grumbles when I suggest a duplex or a townhouse, though these seem a practical solution to me. We'll see if I can't twist his arm.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! Not only are you making this move possible, you have reinforced my faith in humankind. Go us!

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