Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Kid

The Kid has been visiting their sweetie (the datefriend, as these kids today call it) for the past week. Today they are flying home, from PA to Fort Smith, via Detroit and then Atlanta. (My parents got the tickets with their Frequent Flyer miles -- we could never have afforded plane tickets, though we were considering a bus tickets for a time.)

The visit was a lovely success, the first time they and their sweetie got to meet IRL, though they've been dating for over a year, via Skype and Messenger and Twitter. (This is life in the future.) They hung out, watched movies, visited Gettysburg, ate together, lived together.

The Kid and their Sweetie Standing on a Monument at Gettysburg

And now the kid is flying home. This is the most anxiety-laden part for me. I mean, intellectually I know my kid is 20 years old and well able to navigate airports on their own. But some lizard part of my brain still consider this kid my tiny baby. My tiny baby, in a giant airport in Atlanta, trying to find the correct gate, all on their own! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

(I am, of course, fretting over nothing. They are doing fine, despite their slight phobia of escalators.)

I'll be glad when today is over however.


nicoleandmaggie said...


Bardiac said...

I hope your Kid had a fabulous time! And what a lovely gift for the grandparents to be able to give!

delagar said...

It really was! And the Kid had a wonderful time, though the trip home was a *nightmare* -- the flight was delayed three separate times, so that they got home at 11:30 at night instead of three in the afternoon.

But they handled it like a pro. Now they're going to sleep all day, apparently. :)

nicoleandmaggie said...

The kindle has made lengthy delays much more bearable for me. Except that one time that I forgot my charger. That was pretty awful. (I ended up buying Neil Patrick Harris's memoir in hardback at full price at the Charlotte airport in desperation, which was expensive but not a total loss, especially since it was good and DH read it when I brought it home and then gave it to his brother because it was on my BIL's Christmas list.)