Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Kid Departs

My kid has gone off to college -- we drove her up yesterday, helped her carry everything into her dorm room, took her to lunch, and then drove away.

It's an odd and somewhat scary feeling, I must say, to leave your child behind. But she's doing very well! She loves being there, and she's dealing with everything: meeting up with her RA, finding out where her classes will meet, buying the trash can we forgot she might need.

Here's a few views of her dorm room:

(1) The view out the window, of the Boston Mountains

(2) The closet and cupboards

(3) The bed -- it's elevated! About three feet off the ground, which creates a space beneath where things can be stored.

(4) The desk -- as you can see, she took her favorite books along.

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