Sunday, August 06, 2017

Links for your Sunday

Summer II is almost over here -- I'm at the stage where all my students are resubmitting their revised drafts, which means I've got heaps of reading and editing to do. Combined with working on the edits for Fault Lines (which is going well!), well, I'm busy!

But! Not too busy to rummage the internets.  Here's some links:

This won't be quite as funny unless you saw the original

This is funny on its own tho

And this is priceless.

This, on the other hand -- not funny at all

Appalachian English Ain't Elizabethan English and Stop Saying It Is.

The claims from the Right that trans troops harm the military are based -- big shock, I know -- on ignorance.

And that ignorance leads to horrible behavior like this.

See also this.

If you're looking for a list of LGBT films, here you go!

This is very cool,

Here's just how bad you should feel about your salary

And here's a woman you probably never heard of -- I still remember being told (and believing) that no women were in the history books because women have never done anything.

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