Friday, January 13, 2017

Things I Like About My New Office

...v. Things I don't

It's my first real day in my new office, and the first day of the semester, sort of. (We don't start teaching until Tuesday, January 17, but today we have meetings all day. How I love meetings.)

Anyway, I arrived today at 7.30 a.m. to find that the key to my office door didn't work. That's one thing I don't like.

Well, it did work, eventually, after I called Campus Security to come let me in. Ha ha, how droll that was. Campus Security loves being hauled across campus for a "Just kidding!" call. (No, they were very nice about it.)

My new office chair is horrible. I'm thinking of stealing the chair from my old office, which was great.

Also, this office is too hot, and unlike in the old office, the climate control is building-wide -- not under our control, in other words. (In the old office, we had control of the heating/AC unit, which was dedicated to our hallway, and plus my office had a vent I could shut off, so that if my hallway mates wanted it hot in the winter, as they did, I could just shut my vent.)

On the other hand, I have a much better window, which actually opens. So it's too hot in this office this morning, but I can open the window, and let in some of the chilly morning air. That's pleasant.

And I have a lovely huge l-shaped desk, much larger and more useful than my previous desk. It has a tiny cork board I can stick things to. I haven't stuck anything to it yet. Also lots of big filing-cabinet-like drawers, where I have filed my limited files. (I don't have many files, just advising and my what I did this year files.)

I'm also much closer to everything on campus now. That should prove helpful.

The grounds crew also moved out the immense banks of filing cabinets I would never have used. I asked to have more bookshelves moved in in their place. WE'LL SEE.

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