Thursday, November 03, 2016

I'm Alive

The surgery went well, and they gave me nice drugs to get me through that and the immediate aftermath.

I haven't had any reflux since the surgery (knock wood); but on the other hand, I feel like I have a belly full of sharp bits of tin.

Which will wear off, I'm sure.

Here is my diet for the next week:

Clear broth
Clear fruit juices
lukewarm water
Decaff coffee or tea (no milk)

After  I have tolerated those foods, I can add these (one at a time):

"Thinned" cream of wheat
"Strained" cream soups (IDK what this even means)
Yogurt, but only the kind without fruit
Carnation Instant Breakfast

After three weeks of the above two diets, I can move on to such delights as skinless, boiled vegetables (cooked soft), milkshakes, and "moist" fish (once again, idk what this means).

Astute readers will have noticed what is missing from this regime -- no real coffee, and no sodas. I mostly drink seltzer, but that's right out also. No carbonation allowed.

I could do without seltzer, but coffee?


Bardiac said...

I'm glad to hear you're doing well!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, even if there's no coffee!

JaneB said...


But on a diet like that, you have EVERY RIGHT to be whiney, tired, needy, and lie around on the couch reading mind-candy for as much time as you like. :-(

Anonymous said...

That sounds dismal! Hope you heal very quickly.

Here's a lovely article:

delagar said...

Thanks for sharing that, N&M -- I'm enjoying it!