Thursday, September 10, 2015

This Is So Great

...that I must share.

Y'all might know that Dr. Skull is working as a substitute teacher now.

Yesterday he had a second grade classroom.  Which, as he puts it, is like teaching puppies.

Golden retriever puppies.

Anyway, they all wanted to give him their drawings to take home.

My favorite is this one, which I wish I had a scanner, because my descriptive powers do not do it justice.  It is so wonderful.

On pink construction paper.

Outside: a giant bright red heart, with two layers, the outside scalloped, the inside very darkly drawn.

On the inside a carefully printed message:

Hi Mr. B

You Are


(The "Mr. B" is for his actual name, which starts with a B.)


Bardiac said...

What is osm? Awesome?

That must be it! So cool!

delagar said...

Yes, awesome! I love how the kid spelled everything perfectly, and has such perfect handwriting, and then -- osm! I can just see her, sounding the word out, and writing it down.