Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dialogue from the delagar Household: Travails of the Job Search

(Dr. Skull has a job here in the Fort now, finally, after being unemployed for two years -- but it's a job outside his field.  He's still looking for a university position.)

Me (to Dr. Skull): Here's a job for a poet. But it's in Houston.
Dr. Skull: Send me the link.
Me: It's in Houston. You don't want to live in HOUSTON.
Dr. Skull: It's a job teaching poetry. Send me the link.
Me: Did you not hear me say HOUSTON?
Dr. Skull: Job? For a poet?
Me: Oh thank God.
Dr. Skull: What?
Me: You gotta have a book.
Dr. Skull: ...
Me: (quietly, to myself) Eat my own gun before I'd live in Houston.


Anonymous said...

Houston is great!

It's a blue city. Great food, great arts, great parks. You can avoid the traffic. The weather is no different than what you're getting in Arkansas. Less expensive than LA, Chicago, or NYC.

delagar said...

I've only been in Houston a couple of times, so you might be right. But the heat and the humidity and the traffic (especially the traffic) were awful the times I was there.

I'm in NW Arkansas, remember. Except for the middle of the summer, our weather isn't all that awful.