Friday, April 18, 2014

Here's a Must-Watch About Right-Wing Terrorism

...and why it gets ignored.

I found this via We Are Respectable Negroes, and you should probably go read the post over there too.

Rachel Maddow, one of our best working journalists, along with Stephen Colbert, runs down the connections between acts of terrorism and sedition among Right Wing groups and individuals, and asks the key question: Why do Far-Right (white) Christian terrorists always get treated as though they are acting alone, as though we don't need to take any further action once we've caught that guy, while every act by a Islamic terrorist or a black man is treated as though his entire culture has committed the act?

And therefore we need to start a War on Terror against that entire culture, or religion, or way of life?

Further, we do know that the Far-Right Christian Extremists are dangerous to the America most of us want to live in*.  So why don't we declare war on them?

(Read this guy and a little about him if you doubt me.)

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