Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Crossed Genres Issue # 16 Runaway

We've got some lovely stories this month.

"Heart-Beat Escapement" is a steampunkish story about a foundling child whose long-lost father shows up.

"Forge and Fledge" takes to the moons of Saturn, and the troubled life of a corporate orphan.

And our Spotlight Author, Angela Rega, brings us into the world of were-dingoes in Australia.

Oh -- and don't miss this!  A story from our previous issue, David Stevens' "My Life as a Lizard," just got a very nice review at Apex.


The Heart-Beat Escapement
by Rachael Acks
Forge and Fledge
by Lauren C. Teffeau
Shedding Skin
by Angela Rega
Spotlight interview:
Angela Rega
- See more at: http://crossedgenres.com/magazine/#sthash.KEDW8cMB.dpuf

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