Friday, February 21, 2014

Is That Sexism In Your Comic, or Are You Really That Hapless?

So apropos of yesterday's post, here's a link to a Tumblr that posts examples of the sort of appalling objectification and sexism women have to deal with when they read comics and manga.

Called Escher Girls, it is run by Ami Angelwings; its stated mission is to archive the prevalence of distorted, sexualized portrayals of women in popular media.

Amy adds:

I created this blog as an archive of the way women are portrayed in fictional mediums because in my blogging I kept wanting to explain the ways women are portrayed in comics and I thought it would be helpful to have a collection of examples so critics couldn’t just say “oh that’s just an exception!”

I'm posting this partly because the Tumblr itself is great, and mostly because I think people who don't read comics or manga have no idea what we mean when we say women are objectified in these media.

Click through.  Look at some of the examples.  This isn't just a little T&A.

(My favorite so far, btw.)

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