Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stuff I Am Doing

In lieu of an actual post, here is stuff I am doing:

  • My promotion portfolio was returned by our departmental committee with notes for revisions. (Not many of them, but still.)  So I am revising. Moodily.
  • We are working on a Creative Writing Major.  I am designing a class for it, and working with the Committee doing most of the hard work of putting together the major.
  • Teaching Working Class Literature for the first time, which I am loving, but yow does this eat my time. I'm teaching Cesar Chavez next week, and having so much trouble finding texts I can use. There are none in our anthology (almost nothing at all on migrant fieldworkers to begin with, and nothing from the right period, and very little about workers of color)).  I found a film on YouTube which I'm using, and some links from Erik Loomis's This Day In Labor series, but I'd love something written too.
  • Teaching four other classes: World Lit, Fiction Workshop, and two Comp I classes
  • Writing the sequel to Triple Junction
  • Parenting this kid, the budding artist.  Look at this amazing drawing she did.  
  • Getting ready to teach Women's World Literature next semester, which is also requiring a ton of research
  • Sometimes I even sleep a few hours
Maybe someday I will actually write a real blog post again.  It could happen!


jo(e) said...

Did I read that right? You're teaching five classes, with four preps?


delagar said...

Yes. AND going up for promotion. AND helping to design a new major. Everyone should feel VERY SORRY for me.

Tree of Knowledge said...

That is a crazy list of stuff you are doing. You get ALL the sympathy.

delagar said...

Thanks, Tree! :->

It will all be better in about seven weeks. And next semester will be a breeze!