Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Portfolio: DONE

I have put in the very last screen shot and bit of documentation and submitted it the departmental committee in charge of deciding if I did it right.

It is done.

Here you see me and my colleague handing our portfolios in.  I'm on the left, OF COURSE.

Photo: Dr. Lindsy Lawrence and Dr. Kelly Jennings presenting their  completed promotions applications... the ritual dancing and sacrifices took place soon after.
At least they can finally quit their belly-aching now and throw a party for all their classes! ;)


Bardiac said...

Congratulations on finishing the portfolio, and best wishes for your promotion!

delagar said...


Drew said...

I'm sure you'll be promoted, Kelly! If not then maybe one of those unis you applied to outside of Arkansas will recognize as a vested full prof! :D

nicoleandmaggie said...


Anonymous said...

Well done! So much good luck to you. --L