Monday, July 01, 2013

Rod Dreher: Prime Example of Derp

As long-time readers of this blog might know, I like to wander around on the right side of the 'sphere from time to time.  Rod Dreher's blog is one of the least offensive of the Rightwing blogs, mainly because he draws comments from a mixed crowd, so that he gets push-back from time to time.

OTOH, he's a total Derp.

By which I mean, he is incapable of shifting his Prior.

He has a conviction about what the world is like -- black people in general are inferior because they come from a bad culture, and that's how it is -- and no matter how much evidence he is presented with from the actual world or from studies or factual accounts or from philosophical evidence to show him that he's wrong about that, his prior will not shift.  Derp.

He has a conviction that LGBT people are a corrupting influence on the world, that gay marriage is going to destroy America, that gay people are bad parents, and no matter how much evidence, etc, derp.

He is convinced that the liberal media ignored the Gosnell case because of its pro-abortion position, and though he was presented with tons of evidence (by his commenters) to the contrary, derp.

Now here he is again, going off on Wendy Davis, claiming the liberal media is making her a hero because they just love abortion so much, and being corrected by those in his comment stream, and will he hear anything?  Will he shift his prior upon learning new evidence?

Do I even need to say it?

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