Sunday, June 30, 2013

Watch This

My kid asked me a few weeks ago about violence, and about killing people -- whether it messed you up bad to kill people or not.

"Because in the animes I'm watching, and in the web comics some of my friends are drawing," she said, "they're acting like it's nothing, and I'm just wondering..."

"No, it's a big deal," I said.  "I mean, unless something's seriously wrong with the person already, killing does mess you up. It is a big deal."

And I told her a couple stories, about students I had who had returned from Iraq, stories they had told me.

But this video, which just showed up on my FB stream, I think does a better job than I did of communicated what I was trying to say.  Watch it.  Now. (It's only two and a half minutes long, and it's beautifully animated besides.)

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dorki said...

Great presentation that! The instances of StoryCorps that I have heard on the local Public Radio station have always been quite good to very touching.

We must all be thankful of good archivists.