Thursday, September 22, 2011

Slightly Related Thoughts... lieu of an actual post:

  • Today I applied for two jobs I really want to get and one I sort of would like

  • Applying for jobs takes an astounding length of time

  • Which really annoys me, because I haven't got any spare time these days

  • But I guess it's like that marshmallow thing they do with toddlers

  • By which I mean, if I can delay gratification (WTF that means, in my situation, where I'm not seeming to get much gratification these days) by suffering now...

  • Future happiness!

  • Though when, I would like to know. When? One of my students was exalting about gas prices being "only" $3.31/gallon yesterday. Ai.

  • Protests on Wall Street continue. I try to be cheered by this. Revolution now?

  • 22nd of the month and we are already out of money.

  • But! My novel is going well and besides applying for jobs I have submitted 3 stories this week.

  • So!

  • Upwards and onwards.

  • And!

  • The kid wrote a fan-fic of my novel. My first fan-fic! It is very funny and I will share it with you soon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm vicariously excited for your job search. But god is it a pain in the ass to apply for jobs.