Friday, May 13, 2011

Bang! Crash! Weather!

Another big storm here last night, as if we had not had sufficient stormage.

Just thunder, hail, and rain this time, no tornados that I am aware of. Flood waters, though, with the water coming right up to our back door sill, and the power went out for several hours -- from nine o'clock to about one in the morning. We sat around with candles and flashlights and my iPad (you can still read on your iPad when the power goes down! Score more for the iPad! Though, sadly, the internet stops working. I am not sure why. Because the wifi isn't powered up anymore, maybe?) and the kid wondered if this was what it was like back in the colonial days of 1950, before we were all wired.

Yeah, I said. Sort of.

The kitty does not like thunder. Neither does Big Dog. He tries to climb in my lap. (And he is big.) She streaks around the house, hiding under things under the next burst of thunder, and then bolting for new cover. Anyone who tries to pick her up and comfort her gets clawed for their trouble, and occasionally bitten as well. Today she is a little calmer, but still wary. "She wants to know why you made it thunder like that," I told the kid, who is fretting over her.

"My poor kitty," she frets.

Meanwhile, the backyard still looks like a swamp, all the rivers are flooded, and more rain is on the way.

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Unknown said...

I am all for storms- it's peaceful, provided there aren't tornadoes... but cold rain that falls straight down isn't my cup of tea... =/ walking the dogs is beginning to become synonymous with swimming with clothes on.