Sunday, May 08, 2011

Almost Mother's Day....;

...and my kid has returned from New Orleans, where she was visiting our family.

And she has come back with purple hair!

She is so cool.

This is something she's been wanting for about three years, but since I am not a trained girl, I had no idea how to go about it -- even with instructions from several blog friends, I could not make it happen.  I even went so far as to take her to a "beauty" "salon" one time, when she was eleven, I think, but though they were very nice, they claimed they could not do such a thing.  (I was dubious, even if this is Fuck Smith.)

Luckily!  She has an aunt who is not only a trained girl, but who used to work doing hair and such.  She has connections!  She arranged for the work ( after first talking the kid's grandmother into letting her have it done) and went with her to have it done.  It's beautiful, I have to say -- not all of her hair is purple, just a wide thatch on the right, above her temple and eyebrow; and very dark purple, just brighter and lighter than the brown of her hair, so that you don't see it and then you do see it and then you say, ooo, that's pretty.

"It's so pretty!" I said, when I saw it.

"I know," the kid confessed.  "It's making me narcissistic -- all I want to do is look in mirrors."


jo(e) said...

Your description makes it sound so cool. I wish we could see a photo.

CB said...


zelda1 said...

She is a girly girl. I knew that deep down inside there was a girly girl just waiting to rear her head. I thought the estrogen would push her out, and it looks like she has arrived. Purple indeed. I cannot wait to see it.