Saturday, March 05, 2011

Update on the Revolution

Even the Rasmussan Polls admit the truth now.  Walker's losing it.  60% hate his lying ass.

Here's what First Draft has to say.

Oh -- also?  That big fat lie the RW Noise Machine has been pushing about the 7.5 million dollars worth of damage the protesters did to the capitol building?  Yeah, more like 0 dollars worth.  Think any of them will change their story now?  (Color me doubtful.  I'm still hearing the story about how Clinton's staff took all the W's off the keyboards in the White House before they left, when George W. took office.)

Here's Mother Jones on the whole issue.

Indiana and Ohio are planning to pass similar laws, with very little fuss as far as I can tell.  Here's hoping the unions in those states gin up and take a clue from Wisconsin.

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