Friday, March 11, 2011

This Is Why I'm Depressed

So...I'm chatting with one of my students today, about this and that and nothing much, and I happen to drop into the conversation that I'm feeling a little gloomy just now.  Oh, why, he says.

"Oh," I say, "all this with Scott Walker, up there in Wisconsin, I'm angry about it, and that's got my mood a bit dark."

"Who's Scott Walker?" he asks.

Which, see, this, I just -- how in shit, how are, how do we even start to win against the Koch Brothers and all the rest of them?  How?  When 80 or 90 percent of the country isn't even fucking awake?



jen said...

Okay, I have to admit, I'm horrible with names. If you just said "Scott Walker", I might wonder why the named sounded vaguely familiar. But add in "Wisconsin" and WHO doesn't know what's going on (at least in general terms) up there?

How old is this idiot?

delagar said...

After I added in a bunch of details, like "the strike?" and "unions?" and "haven't you heard?" and "the democratic senators walked out to keep the bill from passing?" the student did say, oh, yeah, he thought he had heard "something" about that on NPR.

delagar said...

Grrr. "The protest," not the strike, obviously.

Wishful thinking.

delagar said...

He's a grown-up student. Old enough to be paying attention.