Saturday, September 18, 2010


If I'd known how charming kittens were, I would have caved into the kid's wheedling long ago.

This thing is seriously cute.  Mind you, we're all covered with tiny scratches, from where it has pounced upon us a bit too enthusiastically when it's showing us its Jasper The Mighty Hunter skillz; but none of us actually mind.

Today, when Herr Dr. Delagar and I returned from Harps, I called the Kid in to the kitchen.

The Kid: What?

Me: Look! (I showed her the new cat toy I'd bought, a little felt ball with a tail.)

The Kid: (Rolling eyes):  Every time you go out you come home with a toy for Jasper!

Me:  Yes, well.  He's my grandkitten.  Just wait until you have an actual child.

The Kid:  She.  She.  SHE is your grandkitten.

Me:  Sorry.  You should have given her a more girly name.

The Kid:  Don't be so heteronormative, Ma.

Me:  Are you going to bring the kitty out to play with the new toy or what?


Tree of Knowledge said...

kitties are so charming

Unknown said...

you have an amazing kid =)

Anonymous said...

You falling for the kitten was so predictable! One can't resist all that kitten cuteness. -L

dorki said...

Glad you are finding your kitten so much joy. Our two adult tuxedo girls are devoted companions. It is a wonder how regular stroking and brushing pleases a cat and also is good for their fur.