Sunday, September 12, 2010


We have achieved kitten!

Her name is Jasper.

Sadly, I do not know how to post pictures (:<) but this image, stolen from google.images, is very close to Our Jasper.

The kid says I should tell you that Jasper is so cute!  And smart!  And cleaner than any dog we have ever had!  

As for me, I have to tell I have never seen anything make the kid happier than getting a kitten has.  She's like a kid on crack cocaine.  

Kittens = crack cocaine for 12 year old girls.  Who knew?


Karenne Saylor said...

You may not be a cat person yet... but give it time! I am happy for Miss Delagar!

j0lt said...

We got two kittens for our two boys a week ago. They are ecstatic. Our 18 year old cat was dubious, but is coming around.

Bardiac said...

It's clean until it learns to get up on the counter with litter box feet. (Every dog would be thrilled to get on the counter, too, but usually they aren't that adept. And yes, they'd have feet that were just as dirty.)

But it will still be kid joy!

zelda1 said...

Bardiac, that's why I keep clorox spray on my kitchen counter. I spray and clean because I know what jumps up there.

Delagar, I am so happy the kid loves the kitten. There is something about a girl and her kitty.