Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh, Yeah, Except...

...I promise Tony Hayward is not being sent to the benches without pay.

When you fuck up like this--destroying the entire Gulf of Mexico--it's not like fucking up as a bagboy at Wal-Mart or an adjunct at a university.  We had an adjunct who screwed up a few years ago, up the hill.  Had a crisis in his family, told his students just to take the rest of the semester off, he had to deal.  All right, that's bad.  But you know what happened to him?  He got fired, and he has not been able to find work in his field since.

When Tony Hayward fucks up, he gets his life back, and goes to yacht races, and is filthy rich forever.  The rest of us, and hundreds of thousands of people who were barely scraping by down there on the Gulf?  We're fucked forever, because he wanted BP to make what was essentially (in relation to what they were already making) a few nickels extra.

Tell me again how capitalism is such a splendid system, cause I want to hear that bullshit some more.

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Vance Maverick said...

Some argue that the outrage over Hayward's yacht-race outing is misplaced. I basically disagree -- sure, it doesn't really matter what the man does on his day off, but it does matter that we have put our government and the world in the hands of heartless plutocrats, and the yachting is almost as good a symbol of that outrageous fact as if Hayward wore spats and a monocle.