Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Just to Cheer Us Up

Simon's Cat again!

Also this guy, Alex Day, who I have just discovered TNX to Unfogged, has posted a chapter by chapter summary of Twilight which is just cracking me up. 

And!  This comic, SMBC, which I discovered b/c Tree of Knowledge at Cheese&Responsibility can do links, which I cannot, is so fucking funny!  (I believe it is her fault I got hooked on QC, so she is why I am not writing that Chaucer paper I keep meaning to write.  I totally blame her.) 

And!  This blog!  I, Asshole.

God, I love the internets!

Feel free to mention your latest most cool of internet discoveries in the comments.


Tree of Knowledge said...

OMG, Alex is funny. I just finished the ch. 5+6 video.

I have linked to this on my blog before, but for making fun of Twilight, this is classic: http://stoney321.livejournal.com/317176.html

It's all 4 books.

delagar said...

Thanks for posting that! I'd been trying to tell a colleague here who's doing a paper on Twilight about that site, only I couldn't remember where I'd read it/linked it first, only that I had, and I couldn't remember very many specifics about it (This guy who's LDS breaks down all the influences Meyer's religion has on her text, see...) and she was looking at me like I was whack (cause my sole source was "some guy on the internet I can't remember...").

Anyway, now I can send the link. And she'll know I'm not delusional!

At least not about this!