Monday, March 09, 2009


I wasn't even going to post on the nine-year-old raped by her stepdaddy and ex-communicated (along with her mamma and her doctors) by the Catholic Church for aborting the twin fetuses which would have killed her had she carried them to term b/c, you know, abortion is murder and that is wrong (but raping nine-year-olds is just dandy) I was just gone leave that shit alone because I am so sick of dealing with the sick sick sick shit handed to me by the patriarchy this week --

But I could not DEAL with the IDIOT comments left over at Megan's site after she posted about the story: To Wit:

1) I doubt very much this story is true. Usually when stories come out like this, one finds out later, a few weeks later that the young girl in question was older and her family claimed she was younger to secure the abortion.
2) Thomasblair- actually the Church is just upholding its consistent position that all life is sacred and shouldn't (no matter the circumstance) be snuffed out. Of course, the Church also just runs the largest network of hospitals throughout the world- so meh on them right?
Posted by expatinsingapore
March 5, 2009 5:09 PM


Would Islam permit her to have an abortion? My guess is that she would be publicly humiliated for "promiscuity".
Posted by Staash
March 5, 2009 5:55 PM

And this charmer:

...If the facts are true, then her abortion is ok--life for life. However, if not--if she would survive and have no bodily defects---then no, she should not be allowed.
note that the stepfather is only suspected---no proof. She could have been sexually active, given that she apparently had hit puberty before age 9 (!).
Does anyone notice that last wbit of weirdness? I didn't know 9 year olds could have kids. I thought puberty was 11-13 in girls. 9 seems...unbelievable.
Posted by Basic Fact
March 5, 2009 6:37 PM

Who goes on through the thread to say even more appalling things. He's the worst of the lot over there, though several of the commenters make me gag.

Men hate you, Twisty says. She ain't lying.


web said...

I was screaming over the CNN commentator who said she was "allegedly" raped. Okay, I suppose there's a remote possibility she was actually impregnanted with a turkey baster, but in pretty much any circumstances, a 9 year old who's had intercourse with someone old enough to impregnant her was RAPED.

delagar said...

The commenter on Megan's site who says the kid's probably going to turn out to be a few years older is the one who made steam come out of my ears.

B/c, you know, if she's eleven, it's okay that this guy's been raping her for six years and has gotten her pregnant? B/c 9 year olds are innocent victims but 11 year olds are sluts?

And then there's this other fella suspecting it will turn out that the kid seduced stepdaddy...that's when I quit reading. Gah.