Wednesday, November 05, 2008

O Yay!

Oh yes!


The kid came home from school yesterday dejected: they had held a school election, and Obama had lost, 11-16 (McCain got 16 votes).

"Obama got eleven votes?" I said. "In Arkansas? Really?"

Granted, the Montessori School is the most liberal school in Pork Smith, but still...

Nevertheless, mr. delagar and I, like Rachel Maddow, were wretched balls of nervous terror until 10.00 p.m. central time when, while we were surfing channels, we heard John Stewart on Comedy Central call the race.

After that, we were just drinking heavily.

Oh boy, oh boy.

Did you hear that speech? Is that a President?

God, it's so splendid to be in a country that's doing the right thing again.


Anonymous said...

I can finally quit holding my breath.

I was encouraged when Obama actually lit up the younger voters early on. Apparently they finally decided that they must decide their own future.

zelda1 said...

I, as you know, am married to a republican, and during the beginning of the race, he kept saying, it's too early to tell. But then he realized that there was no way that McCain could win. So, I danced and drank wine and jumped up and down and hollered and made all kinds of speculations about how great it will be for students again. He sighed and grunted and complained and then claimed that it didn't matter to him. YOu know what I think? I think he voted for Obama, but just could not admit it. Yeah!!!