Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cool/Not Cool

(1) How cool is it that the Obamas want to get a shelter dog? (The mutt joke was also funny).

(2) So mr. delagar and I are watching Life on Mars last week, which is a show he likes mainly because it is a huge fantasy of his to be transported back to 1973, where he would never leave the record stores; and I am watching for anthropological purposes; anyway, it took this, um, religious turn last week.  Oh! the hero is an atheist!  Oh! Jesus sends an angel to him to deal with his atheism (after first pitching a nine-year-old girl off a roof, mind you, to create a plot-line wherein the soul-searching/answered prayers can occur).  Oh! Why is our hero an atheist?  Because when he was a tot, it develops, he prayed and prayed, and Jesus never answered his prayers.  Oh! In this episode, the nine-year-old dies so that his prayer can finally be answered! Voila! God does answer prayers!

Can I just....what?

As an atheist, this annoys me, because, no, that's not why we're atheists.  (I prayed and prayed for a pony and every time I looked in my backyard, no pony, so screw this.)  If I were a follower of any religion, including Christianity, I would hope it would annoy me more.

Also, can't we just have cool SF?  Do we have to have pandering to the whack religious right?  They lost! Can we go back to regular TV now?  Please?

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Anonymous said...

I hope they do get a shelter dog. Of the several dog and cat pets my extended family has had, the most even-tempered ones have been shelter/rescue animals.