Monday, July 09, 2007

Things My Students Don't know About:




Urban Dictionary

Okay -- some of them knew about the last one.

But good shit, I'm living at the edge of the WORLD, apparently.


CB said...

Do you know when I first heard of FGM?

Third grade... no shit man. Was at daycare, so adult was talking about and I heard. Talk about scaring the living daylights out of a kid.

delagar said...

See? How can someone not know about this? Adults at your daycare know about it! None of my students had heard about it except the kid who had just learned about it in his anthropology class, the one who brought it up, and *he* said it was "sort of like" male circumcision, and "part of the culture," so maybe "we shouldn't interfere" and I had to bite down hard to be civil, lemme tell you.

CB said...

personally, I'm not down for male circumcision either. I can't see cutting on anything that doesn't need cutting on.

You're better than me. I couldn't've; I swear I was created solely for tirades.

Diane said...

They are in good company. Both NPR and CNN referred to FGM as "female circumcision" this week--CNN in a Web headline about FGM. I had to calm down before I wrote to both of them.