Friday, July 20, 2007

Sex Ed

You might have heard the fuss: Obama had the nerve, when he was asked about sex ed for kids, not to weasel and snivel. Yep, he said, kids ought to have sex ed classes. Yep, as early as kindergarten. It ought to be age-appropriate, clearly, but it ought to start then, and it ought to continue on up through high school.

As you can imagine, the Wingers and the idiots are frothing and exploding in outrage.

If you want to be deeply depessed, go to Google and put Obama kindergarten sex ed into the search string. Don't just read the stories or the blogs, most of which are Winger blogs: read the comments. The level of ignorance, idiocy, and racism has to be read to be believed.

Well, the ignorance and idiocy makes more sense when you remember this is a Winger meme that Rush and his ilk have been passing around for years -- that public schools are teaching five years old about anal sex, that they're teaching three years old how to give blow-jobs, that they're teaching six year olds the logistics of golden showers and bondage; and once you know that none of these tools has ever been near a public school, much less a kindergarten sex ed class.

I have -- the kid did kindergarten at the public school six blocks away, before we moved her into Montessori (which, sadly, does no sex ed). She had sex education from the first month. What did they learn? They learned which parts of their bodies were private places, and what they ought to do if someone touched them in those places without their permission. They learned that no one was allowed to touch them in those places, and that if anyone did, no matter who it was, that was a bad thing; and what to do if that bad thing happened.

They also learned the proper names for their various body parts.

Call me a whacky liberal, but I had no issue with these classes. Five seemed a bit late to be starting them, in fact, if you want my opinion.

Further, if these folk would look around at kindergarten curricula, I'd be willing to bet that's what going on in most sex-ed classes at that level -- radical shit like that.

More fun, though, I suppose, to declare those evil public school teachers are out to destroy America by teaching five-year-olds how dildos work and that butt-fucking is fun!

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