Saturday, January 20, 2007

O'Reilly the Idiot

If you've seen that Shawn Hornbeck story, the Missouri kid who was taken four years ago and just recovered, this will make you sick.

Bill O'Reilly has decided Shawn's own fault -- kid wanted it. Nice life he had there, didn't he? Got to lie about all day, no school, no parents making him act right, riding bikes around town all day. What eleven-year-old kid wouldn't that life? Bill knows he would have grabbed it up at eleven!

What's that you say? Stockholm syndrome? Bill doesn't buy it! Kid was SPOILED ROTTEN! BORED WITH HIS SOFT LIFE! Grabbed the first chance at EXCITEMENT that came along! These rotten kids today, that's HOW THEY ARE!

You wait. When the FACTS COME OUT, Bill's gone be proved right! He ALWAYS IS!

Link to the transcript is here

if you can take it.

This kid is fifteen. He has been through the worst kind of hell for the past four years. Bill has no soul, does he?

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