Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So, Well

I am teaching the night classes for the next five weeks.

This is good since I write best (now) in the mornings, like from six in the morning until about ten a.m.

(Used to be I wrote best from about ten at night until about two in the morning. That was previous to having a kid. Having a kid will fuck you up, may I just insert that? And in more ways than one. Who knew that having a kid would change me from a vampire to some chipper coffee-drinking morning bird?)

But it is not so good because my writing group, my beloved writing group, meets Monday nights. I will have to miss meeting my writing group for the next five weeks.

On the other hand hand, being able to pay rent -- such a nice thing.

And I have finished Book IV and started Book V. And I'm reading over the first three books one last time, the actually trilogy part of this trilogy (which is five books long now, and I think might go as long as seven books, and why not? Why not?), and starting to look around for agents. So long mornings to work in, those are good things.

The kid is still with her grandparents. At the beach now. I call her up, but she has no time to talk to me.

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