Monday, July 17, 2006

Back from Little Rock

We have returned with the kid. She's an inch and a half taller, and has a nice golden-syrup tan, from the days on the beach. Very pretty. Must be from her Ashkenazi ancestors. She's pleased to be home, I think, though she tells us our house is too small and has an insufficient number of bathrooms.

The trip to Little Rock to pick her up (we met the grandparents there) was uneventful, though extremely hot. It was a hundred degrees, yesterday. Spotted interesting billboards. One of the way down, paid for by a local church, said: TAKING AMERICA FOR CHRIST!

And, on the way back, this charming bit of xenophobia:


That's the America I know and love!

While in Little Rock, we visited Comp USA, where we bought me a new Mac Mini. I don't know if you've seen these little fellas, but they're totally sweet. About as big as Middlemarch (the Oxford Edition), silver, and, with the 12 month no interest deal, not impossible to finance. I had to get a new computer -- my old one was making appalling noises.

I haven't yet tried writing on it. We got home late yesterday, and spent this morning getting it set up. We'll see how it works tomorrow.

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